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S.A.S. Investment acquired shares in Chenmtech in Taiwan

The Purchaser, S.A.S. Investment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the S.A.S. Group, entered into the Sale and Purchase Agreement with the Vendors in relation to the Acquisition on 16 September 2011, pursuant to which the Purchaser conditionally agreed to purchase, and the Vendors, who are various independent third parties, conditionally agreed to sell the Sale Shares, being the 51% equity interest in Chenmtech at the consideration of NT$63,750,000 (equivalent to approximately HK$16,776,000). The Acquisition was completed on 17 October 2011.

Chenmtech, a company incorporated in Taiwan, is principally engaged in electronic component distribution of various international brands including ¨Qualcomm Atheros〃 under Qualcomm Atheros Technology Limited. S.A.S. Group is positive on the long term prospect of Taiwanˇs electronic market and the Acquisition will provide with a solid platform to establish its business in Taiwan.